Choosing a Memorial

Memorials are erected in a cemetery, a burial ground maintained by a local council, or a Churchyard, a burial ground maintained by the Church.

What Makes a Memorial?

The memorials need to be of a material that:

  • Will withstand the weather
  • Can take a lasting carved inscription (allowing space if further inscription is to be added later)
  • Is suitable for shaping and ornamenting

Time has shown that natural stone, such as stone, slate, marble and granite, has all these qualities.

Because a memorial is a lasting monument and a tribute to a person’s life, who was dearly loved, it is important to choose it carefully. Hasty decisions made while still in great distress may cause later regrets so it may be sensible to take time in selecting a suitable design and to think about the inscription.

If you would like us to help you in making a decision on providing a memorial for your loved one, please feel free to contact us at anytime