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We provide custom inscription, plus headstone alterations and maintenance in Porth and throughout the UK. Whether you are arranging a new memorial installation, updating an existing gravestone, or wish to protect the longevity of a memorial, then we can help. Our dedicated team will be on hand, providing professional services as well as helping you select the perfect wording for your chosen stone. We can also run through a variety of customisable maintenance schemes to keep it in good condition for the long-term. You can even secure memorial insurance; a real asset in the event of vandalism or damage. Contact us today to make an enquiry.

Bespoke Headstone Inscriptions

You can request either standardised or bespoke headstone inscriptions, available in a variety of flawless finishes. For all memorials, the first 60 letters are included in the purchase price. Meanwhile, for additional lettering, the fees are as follows:

Bespoke Designs & Carvings

As well as lettering, we offer pre-designed custom images as well as carved designs for gravestones and memorials, with over 8000 exclusive options. You can download our catalogues to browse our selection. Or instead, our in-house artists can create a personalised design unique to your loved one and family’s specific requirements.

Adding Words to Headstones

You can come to us to add words to existing headstones and memorials. Our team can carry out professional engravings, either as part of a removal and refitting (prices vary, contact us for details) or in-situ.

Type (Price Per Letter) Gilded Enamel Lead
Exisiting Letter Restoration £1.30 £1.10 £3.50
Sand Blasted £2.90 £2.20 £3.90
Hand-cut £3.90 £3.90 £5.00
Embosses £2.50 £2.50 NA
Machine Cut £3.10 £2.75 £4.50
Stonemason carving letters
Trimming grass in a graveyard

Memorial Maintenance Service - 'Grave Care'

Grave Care is a scheme in which we help you with the ongoing tending to your loved one’s grave. We understand that, while we all have the best intentions, keeping up with grave maintenance can be challenging to integrate into your routine. Our package can be tailored to suit your needs and can include:

Memorial Insurance

It is highly recommended that all memorials are insured against damage, vandalism and theft. Equally, it is advisable to have this in place from the moment the stone is fixed in the churchyard or cemetery. Griffiths Memorials are proud to be able to provide STONEGUARD® ‘All Risk’ Insurance policies to our customers, via Bridge Insurance Brokers and The Royal & Sun Alliance. Sadly, the accidental (and oftentimes deliberate) damage of memorials is all too common. While we can’t prevent the emotional upset this can cause, a robust insurance policy can remove financial woes caused by:

Damaged headstone

Frequently Asked Questions

It is you, rather than the churchyard or cemetery management, who is responsible for the maintenance of your memorial. If it is left to become unsafe or dilapidated, steps may be taken to remove it, at your expense. Thus, a maintenance package and insurance policy can be invaluable.

Yes, our maintenance packages are fully tailorable and can include grass trimming on your plot, as well as cutting back nearby shrubs and trees.

Yes, we can make additions to existing stones in the same style and colour as the current lettering. You can also add designs and quotations as well as names.

Arrange Headstone Alterations or Maintenance Work Today

If you would like to discuss grave renovation or schedule headstone alterations and maintenance in Porth or the surrounding areas, call us today.

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