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We can help with the selection, design and erection of headstones in Newport and UK-wide. Choose from a range of beautiful natural stones, inscribed with your choice of wording, in a range of finishes, to commemorate your loved one. We’re BRAMM accredited headstone fitters, and our team of highly skilled stonemasons craft each and every memorial by hand, with great care. Your finished headstone will also come with a 10-year stability guarantee and we can offer flexible maintenance and insurance policies for long-term protection. We respect the importance of crafting a heartfelt, lasting marker, and so we will support you throughout the process. Contact us today to find out more or request a copy of our brochure.

Expert Memorial Stonemasons

We have been producing premium-quality memorials of the highest standards for many years, both prior and following our purchase in 2002 by Morgan T Vowles. Today, we are part of a family of Funeral Directors and professional funeral and memorial providers, operating locally and UK-wide.

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Beautifully Crafted Memorial Stones

We specialise in producing beautifully crafted memorials stones in granite, slate, sandstone/Yorkstone or marble. Inscriptions come in a number of stunning finishes, including gold or silver gild or enamel, lead lettering, or a simple and effective black or white paint or enamel finish. Our many pre-created designs are painted or carved by hand, and we also have in-house artists who can help you create something entirely original. The unique properties of natural mineral and our 8000+ bank of image and text combinations to choose from, ensures that no two stones are ever the same. Thus, we guarantee a memorial that is truly original authentic and fitting.

Orange/brown headstone with carved flowers
Headstone with angel and flowers

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are free to choose whichever stone you wish. However, churchyards and cemeteries have their own rules regarding what can be erected on their site and these regulations should be established in advance if you are using these burial sites.

Six months. While there is no set rule for this, it is recommended that you wait a minimum of six months before adding a headstone to your burial plot. This allows the earth to settle so that the stone stays stable when erected. Also, this allows time to reflect and move further through the grieving process. Allowing you time to think more deeply about the inscription you want.

A memorial is defined as “a statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event”.

Referring to memorials erected in cemeteries or churchyards to remember lost loved ones, these need to be of a material that:

• Will withstand the weather
• Can take a lasting carved inscription (and maybe more later on)
• Be suitable for shaping and ornamentation

Time has shown that natural stone (i.e. slate, marble and granite) have all these qualities.

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