What Makes A Memorial

This refers to memorials usually erected in cemeteries or churchyards.

These need to be of a material that:

Choosing a Memorial

Because a memorial is a lasting monument and a tribute to a person’s life, perhaps a final gift to someone dearly loved, it is important to choose it carefully. Hasty decisions made while still in great distress frequently result in later regrets, so it can be sensible to wait – and to spend time on selecting a suitable design.

Selecting a Memorial Mason

You may wish to use a company recommended by a friend or relative, or you may need to look around. Whichever you do, it is generally advisable to use one which specialises in memorial masonry. They should understand stone and so be able to give you reliable advice as to whether the stone you are choosing is suitable for the type of memorial you require – and for the area in which it is to be fixed. Weather, pollution, and surrounding vegetation can influence this. We have public & products liability insurance of £5 million, employee liability insurance of £10 million and we also give a guarantee of the stability of our memorial.

All our memorial fixers have been accredited by BRAMM to use the Code of Working Practice in fixing safe memorials. Ask us for proof of this. (Certificates are at our head office).

General Regulations

Cemeteries and churchyards generally have regulations governing the kinds of memorials, and sometimes also the inscriptions and ornamentation, they will allow. These vary from place to place and so need to be checked before any choice is made.


There are often special areas for the burial of cremated remains. Some just have a central memorial commemorating all those buried nearby. In others, headstones or plaques can be erected on the individual plots. Again, the reputable memorial mason should have full details.

Obtaining Permission

Before a memorial may be erected in a churchyard or cemetery written permission must be obtained from its management. We complete all the necessary paperwork for you and arrange for it to be sent to the relevant department. All we require is the relevant fee, paid by cheque or cash to take with paperwork.

The Initial Enquiry

It is important to obtain a written estimate clearly setting out full details of the memorial you are considering – and all the costs involved. The estimate should include the memorial itself (with full details as to size, material etc.), the lettering, any ornamentation and finishes, the secure installation of the memorial on a proper foundation and the cemetery or churchyard fees and VAT.

Please note: Lettering and ornamentation can be hand carved, sand blasted, or machine cut. These options and the different types of stone available, all vary in price. If you obtain estimates from more than one company, do check them carefully to make sure you really are comparing like with like.

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