Memorials: The Best Way To Remember Your Loved One

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Memorials are a long-lasting monument to commemorate a person’s life. They identify who is laid to rest below and are a great tribute to a life. It can be tricky when deciding what should be used to honour someone. Choosing the right one is important. After all, it will stay standing for a long time. Here’s what you should know before making a choice.

Kerbed Memorials: What Are They?

When we speak of memorials, we are referring to the large, kerbed stones. Kerbed graves are bigger stones that frame the plot of a grave from all sides and give it a bit of height. This display will help prevent people from walking across a grave. They are common in older graves but are still a popular choice today.

There are two choices for the layout of the memorials. Some people may opt for a large, flat stone to cover the plot. This gives extra room for more text, a great option if you want to include a quote or a poem. Even more so if you want to include carved designs or images as there much more space to work with.

Another popular option is to have a headstone with the central part used for decoration. There are a few options on what can be put in the middle of it. Plants or stones are popular choices to adorn the centre.

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Perfect For Decorations

With larger memorials, they offer more room for various decorations. Vases and figurines may be used inside to fully customise the plot. These are stable and protected inside the framed plot, so will be less prone to getting damaged. With the room to have numerous vases, it can make for a beautiful and long-lasting floral display. Unique patterns can be made to create an impressive and fitting tribute to a person’s life.

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The Right Material

One of the most important aspects of memorials is that they stay standing for years to come. At Griffith Memorials, we offer many finishes to choose from so you have a variety to choose from for your loved one. Some of the most popular choices are granite and marble. They are both durable and elegant materials that make beautiful grave markers. Sandstone and Yorkstone are also stunning materials that withstand the test of time.

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