How to Choose the Perfect Headstone for Your Loved One in Swansea

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Headstones can be tricky to choose. When a loved one has passed, it’s important that their resting place is aptly marked. So, how do you choose the right one? We’ve created a short guide so you can find out about your options for the shape, material, and inscription.

The Right Shape

Headstones come in many shapes and sizes. A simple arc is one of the more popular choices within churchyards and cemeteries. If you’re looking for something more unique, maybe a heart is more appropriate. It might be better for you to rule out options and whittle it down to your top choices. Some cemeteries may also have certain rules on what you can and cannot have, so ensure you familiarise yourself with those beforehand. Here are just some of the shapes we offer in Swansea:

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Memorial Material

Headstones need to last for years to come, so need to be made from durable materials. There are a few to choose from at Griffith Memorials, including:

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One of the most popular surfaces is granite. Granite is a super strong material that can withstand many conditions. It’s great for inscriptions as many different fonts can be used and images look beautiful upon it. What’s more is that there are many finishes to choose from, so you can opt for granite in many different colours. Picking the colour might be an easy choice for you. However, if you are finding the decision tough, look at graves that surround the plot to get inspiration.

An equally popular material is marble. Marble is a beautiful and elegant material for headstones and is also available in many different designs. The material is great for inscriptions too, so the memorial is legible for years to come.

Personalised Headstones

Finally, it is important to think about what is going to go onto the marker. The inscription can be fully customised with text about the person laying to rest. What’s more, images and designs can be carved on headstones, so you can create a unique memorial for a loved one. Take some time to choose the inscription as it will be there for decades to come.

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