Who Can Place A Headstone On A Grave?

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The UK has a lot of restrictions when it comes to headstones and other grave markers. It’s not as simple as being able to head to the grave yard with whatever memorial you want. In many cases, you need permission to do this. Let’s find out more about what the law states.

Putting A Headstone On A Grave

The only person who is allowed to put a headstone on a grave is the person who is named on the Deed of Grant to the plot. Without this deed, the person who is registered as the grave’s owner has every right to remove the memorial. Even if you are named on the deed, you may still not have the right to place a stone. The cemetery may also have restrictions with which you have to comply, so be sure to consult with them first.

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Some cemeteries may have policies which restrict the size, height or design of stones. Others may not permit sculptures or scripts that relate to religions that are not practiced in the grounds. For example, a Christian church cemetery may not permit other religious iconography.

Can You Replace An Existing Headstone?

Over time, some headstones may need replacing. This could be because the original has become weathered or damaged beyond repair. It could also be that the plot is added to and the stone needs to be amended or replaced to represent both persons in the grave.

To replace an existing headstone, the Deed of Grant will still need to be shown to the owner of the cemetery for permission to be granted. This applies whether it’s a small alteration or a full replacement, or even removal.

Restoring A Gravestone

Sometimes gravestones become a little tarnished over time. Thankfully, they can be restored to their former glory without much hassle. Depending on the amount of work required, the stone may need to be removed and taken to a workshop for the repairs. In this case, you’ll need the Deed of Grant for this to be allowed.

Restoration includes cleaning, repairs and re-painting. Over time, the original lettering can fade and lose its clarity. Re-gilding or re-painting will sort this out. As well as those issues, the ground could shift over time leaving the gravestone in an unstable position. To remedy that, the grave can be re-fixed with a new foundation and secure base for the stone.

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As specialists in monumental masonry, we know a thing or two about headstones. We can also point you in the right direction for obtaining plots and a Deed of Grant in the local area. If you need advice or wish to have a personalised stone made, contact our team today.


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