What Shapes Do Headstones Come In?

Carved headstones

You may have noticed that headstones come in many different shapes, styles and sizes. There’s also different materials, thicknesses and colours. This means that you can achieve a very personal, customised result that suits you or your loved one’s exact requirements. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular shapes and why […]

Who Is Responsible For Gravestone Maintenance?

Grave and Death concept - Stone cross and grave in graveyard with flare light effect and copy space

Gravestone maintenance intertwines legal duties with a heartfelt commitment to honour the memory of the deceased. This task is crucial for preserving not only the physical integrity of these markers, but also the legacies and stories they embody. Ensuring the maintenance of these memorials requires an understanding of the responsibilities involved, best practices for upkeep, […]

Who Can Place A Headstone On A Grave?

Headstone With Red Flowers On With Greenery In The Background

The UK has a lot of restrictions when it comes to headstones and other grave markers. It’s not as simple as being able to head to the grave yard with whatever memorial you want. In many cases, you need permission to do this. Let’s find out more about what the law states. Putting A Headstone […]

How to Choose the Perfect Headstone for Your Loved One in Swansea

Person holding rose

Headstones can be tricky to choose. When a loved one has passed, it’s important that their resting place is aptly marked. So, how do you choose the right one? We’ve created a short guide so you can find out about your options for the shape, material, and inscription. The Right Shape Headstones come in many […]

Grave Inscriptions: What Are The Rules?


When it comes to grave inscriptions, there can be some confusion on what you can and cannot write. Choosing the right wording to commemorate a loved one can be quite difficult. It’s going to be there forever, so you want to pick appropriate and timeless text. They’re not only comforting for loved ones, but it’s […]

The Importance of Headstones in Bristol

Rows of graves and headstones

In any cemetery or churchyard, headstones are an important part of a grave. Many people opt for such a memorial to commemorate a person’s life and have a place where they can go to visit them. In graveyards, they offer an insight into the people who have been laid to rest. So, why opt for […]

Memorials: The Best Way To Remember Your Loved One

Old Woman Laying Down Bouquet Of Artificial Flower On A Grave

Memorials are a long-lasting monument to commemorate a person’s life. They identify who is laid to rest below and are a great tribute to a life. It can be tricky when deciding what should be used to honour someone. Choosing the right one is important. After all, it will stay standing for a long time. […]


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